Thao's Library

“...rarely does one have the pleasure of watching a show that is heartfelt, moving, tragic and uplifting all at once. One of the best plays of the season, Elizabeth Van Meter’s brilliant multi-media performance titled “Thao’s Library” is all of that and more.”
”...intimate and engrossing...”
”...gripping, emotionally charged and often humorously told...”
” incredibly moving and powerful piece of live theater...”
— Meagan Meehan -
“Ricci and Van Meter did an unbelievable job...”
”...visually stunning...”
— Michael Block - Theatre in the Now
“Using both humor and pathos [Thao’s library is] truly uplifting and inspiring”
”...Nothing short of miraculous...”
— Tami Shaloum - Stage Buddy

Performed in theaters across the country to rave reviews, Thao's Library is the story of Elizabeth who is coping with a life-altering tragedy.  When she comes upon a photograph of Thao, a Vietnamese woman born with life-threatening birth defects as a result of Agent Orange and hears of Thao’s simple request, these two unlikely women are brought together and forge a bond that will change both of their lives forever. Video and live performance combine to tell this remarkable story.

Written and performed by Elizabeth Van Meter
Directed by Joe Ricci